Do You Need A Media Kit?

This week - as part of the personal Design Challenge that I gave myself this month - I put together a media kit for my design studio. I knew that I needed a document for prospective clients to learn more about my services in a comprehensive and easy to understand format. This document would help legitimize my business, as well as make communication with clients easier. 

When considering what to put into my media kit, I researched how other designers work and I stumbled upon the Nubby Twiglet blog and her post on media kits. She affirmed my thoughts by writing:

The media kit is a great tool because it essentially gives [clients] all the information they could possibly need in one easy to navigate document while often cutting our correspondence time in half because it’s already answered most of their questions.
— Nubby Twiglet

Sounds like you can't go wrong with having one! So I spent the week revising my price guide, process, biography and other information and dove into laying out my media kit in a way that embodied my design aesthetic and brand. Here are a few pages out of my media kit and if you're interested in viewing the final product, just let me know!

I intend on keeping this a living document and updating it often, so if you have any recommendations or experiences utilizing media kits, I'd love to hear them - just leave a comment below!