16 Design Tools & Resources I'm Bringing into 2016

Happy New Year! I'm pumped to start 2016 and reenergize my business and grow as a designer. Here's a list of some tools that I'll continue to use to help me in the new year. Enjoy!



Coffee, day planner, and notebook are essentials!

Design Software & Web Tools

1. Sketch 3:
If you haven't already heard, Sketch by Bohemian Coding is an amazing tool for UI, UX and product designers! I use this program daily, primarily for wireframing and interface design of websites and mobile apps, and I've even started to use it for other design work such as layouts, mood boards, style tiles, and other graphic designs. 

2. SketchApp Resources:
Plugins, tutorials and other resources to enhance Sketch

3. Invision App:
Prototyping tool

4. Skala Preview:
Another great prototyping tool


Design Inspiration

5. UsePanda

6. Muzli

7. Meetup.com:
Search for design groups near you!

8. Pinterest


Good Reads

9.  Invision App Blog

10. Medium


Other Tools

11. Pixel measuring browser extensions (such as Page Ruler, MeasureIt, PerfectPixel)

12. Evernote:
Helps keep my projects (and entire life) organized

13. Dot Grid Book by Behance/a good sketchbook

14. Paper & Pencil by 53:
Sometimes I prefer to create digital sketches

15. LittleIpsum:
Fast placeholder text

16. MyFonts.com & WhatTheFont:
Great for discovering unique typography for your projects