Soul Fire Farms

Soul Fire Farms is a special place tucked away in the outskirts of Troy, New York - a haven for health, nature, preservation, and love.

There really are just some things that can’t be put into words. The appreciation and connection to the land I’ve developed has grown so much after my time spent up in Grafton, NY at Soul Fire Farm. I knew it would be a different experience - but theres nothing like the energy Jonah and Leah the farmers carry so eloquently. It really truly is infectious! The simple idea that we are connected to the earth and even more each eachother, brings a responsibility to leave the planet better than what I found it to the forefront. No wonder these conflicts from rural-urban living to going against the grain of the “norms” we’ve come to know and accept are constantly being meditated and challenged. Emet and Neshima you Self-sufficiency, access to knowledge, and equality were all embedded in the culture and practices at Soul Fire. These ideals in addition to the careful yet natural flowing apprenticeship program this past season has taught me the value of listening to the earth, working with nature - rather than against it, and how it can be used as a source to heal is a story I spread with everyone I share my experience with. Early mornings before dawn the day would start and carry itself to the evening filled with tasks ranging from harvesting delicious organic food for our CSA members to building a mobile chicken coop (it is in fact sitting on a trailer!). The knowledge I was exposed to has not only taught me how to be a better closer to nature-living individual. It as a result of working on the land. Has also helped me overcome the often shameful and afraid feeling many black and brown people have been conditioned to feel as a result of the exchange in the more recent set of history with this land. Understanding the dynamic of the past relationship and appreciating those who endured such conditions making it possible for me to be here and share my experience is a thought worth acknowledging. There really is not enough I can say that would do justice though. Thank you Soul Fire Farm. See you soon! Plant a seed, watch it grow.
— Jordan Hill